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Názov:Pediatric cardiology: selected chapters : cardiovascular risk factors in childhood inflammatory heart diseases heart rhythm disturbances Autor:Ingrid Schusterová Vydavateľstvo:Univerzita Pavla Jozefa Šafárika v Košiciach, Rok vydania:2016 ISBN:978-80-8152-445-5

This publication is intended for medical students in last years of study before graduation as a preparation material for a state graduation exam in pediatrics and for medical dostors specializing in pediatrics and pediatric cardiology.

The publication offers comprehensive information on pediatric cardiology, which is based on the progressive scientific knowledge of experts and the requirements of practice, as well as our own experience. The publication will expand the field with knowledge of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and acquired heart diseases, which are currently increasingly relevant in children, and will also enable the introduction of new didactic methods in the teaching of pediatric cardiology.



  1. Cardiovascular risk factors in childhood
  2. Inflammatory heart diseases
  3. Heart rhythm disorders